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So, you have herpes.  That is a fact that will remain true for the rest of your life.  There is no quick fix, no magical cure.  But there are effective herpes treatments. Hydrogen peroxide, DMSO, and nonoxynol-9 have all, at one time or another, carried the “quick-fix” myth around them.  It’s time to leave those behind and get on with your life.  The presence of the herpes virus in your body does not mean that the virus has to be active in your body.  In fact, if you take care of yourself and avoid triggers, the herpes virus will likely remain dormant for the majority of the time.  Your experience is up to you- how do you want to live?

Before you can expect to see physical results, you need to make mental and emotional peace with the virus.  This process starts with forgiveness.  No matter how or why it happened, you get to forgive the person who gave you his virus.  Binding yourself to anger and resentment means that you cannot move forward in your healing process.  Your next step is to forgive yourself for having herpes.  Many people feel dirty, ashamed, or compromised by their position.  This is self-imposed.  Accept that you have herpes, and acknowledge that in no way does this make you a lesser person.

Be open with your family and close friends about your condition.  Remember, the energy you put forth is what you will receive in return.  If you create a stigma around the virus, other people will react as if there is one.  Instead, look at herpes like any other medical condition.  You deserve the care and support of those around you.  If you do encounter a negative reaction, do not let it become your truth; simply accept that this person is not ready to to be open and accepting.  Some sixty percent of the adult population has either herpes simplex A or B, so you certainly are not alone.

Finally, in the process of coming to peace with herpes, you may find it useful to use tools such as meditation or visualization to reach a peaceable agreement with the virus.  This does sound a bit new-age and fluffy-bunny, but bear with me.  If you have let go of all of your anger and resentment, then you are in a place that will allow you to make the affirmations necessary to keep your herpes virus dormant.  You’ve heard of the power of mind over matter; now you can use it.  Whether through spoken affirmation, visualization, or some other kind of meditation, find a place of peace and balance where you will be able to lead the life you want to.

Part of this “agreement” is that you will need to determine what your triggers are so that you can eliminate them from your life.  The herpes virus reactivates when the body is stressed, when your diet is poor, when you don’t get enough sleep, or if you are re-exposed to the virus during unprotected sex, among other triggers.   Be sure to get plenty of exercise.  if you need to blow off steam you may find that something like racquetball, squash, or punching a punching bag helps you to process the stress in your life.  Activities such as yoga, tai-chi, and qi-gong are all ways to help bring calm and peace to your life while keeping your body in good shape.

In terms of diet, avoid caffeine in all forms.  Nicotine and excessive alcohol consumption should also be avoided.  Most nuts and seeds, except for hemp and flax seeds which are rich in omega fatty acids, ought to be left out of your diet, as should raisins, carob, and gelatin.  Keep the grain in your diet to a minimum.  Healthy foods to include are avocados, olives, and organic yogurt.  Taking a garlic supplement and a selenium supplement (you could also take brewer’s yeast) is also a good idea.

View your herpes as if it were a seed in the desert.  If there is no rainfall, the seed will not germinate.  In the same way, if you do not trigger the herpes virus, it will not activate, staying dormant indefinitely.