How to Identify Herpes Symptoms- Diagnosis Of Herpes

Herpes can be Spread even without Symptoms

Discovering herpes traits isn’t as difficult as you might be thinking. However, generally herpes infection doesn’t lead to any kinds of traits but sometime it does produce either mild indications or a severe enough indications that affect your daily life. Generally the person dealing with compromised immunity experience severe traits. There are numbers of traits have been associated with the condition of herpes infection whether it is oral herpes or genital herpes. The very common trait of herpes infection is cold sores and blister. The blisters and cold sores most often remains itchy. The symptoms such as itching, burning and tingling generally present right before the emergence ofhow-herpes-is-contagious outbreaks of herpes. If you are dealing with genital herpes then the indications generally present around the genital areas such as penis, anus, urethra, vagina, sometimes under the vagina and buttock. If you are a female then you might experience vaginal discharge. Muscle aches and painful urination could be the traits of herpes infection. Nausea, feeling sick, malaise, fever and symptoms like flu are the other but prominent traits that can be evolved by the herpes patients. The genital herpes sores may appear around or in the penis, scrotum, groin and thigh. In a female it can present inside the vagina, on the labia, groin and thigh. It is also seen that many patients experience swollen lymph nodes due to the infection of herpes. Head ache, back ache and fatigue during the outbreaks of herpes can be also some indications of this annoying illness. So these are the prominent traits that if you are experiencing then you might going through herpes infection. However, if you are not yet not confirmed whether you are dealing with herpes infection or not continue reading this article.

How to know if you have Herpes

Are you susceptible that you might have herpes virus in your body but you have no proof for it? Why do you need proof? Here is the answer, Always remember early detection of any kind illnesses is extremely essential for limiting the bad influence on our body especially if it comes to a viral or a chronic infection. The second reason for early detection of herpes is this enables you to use the resources available surrounding you to better tackle from this devastating infection.

The question is how can you early detect whether you are going through herpes infection or not? Well, we have numbers of options available that can be used for the detection of herpes infection.

1.Polymer chain reaction blood test

This test is one of the best test that can be performed for the detection of herpes infection. This test has the capability to detect both kinds of herpes infection such as herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2. This test generally performs when the patients have no even single test. It helps detecting the DNA of herpes virus that is why the test is generally considered safe and accurate. This test generally provides accurate information.


2. Herpes viral culture test

Alternatively you can go for the herpes viral culture test where doctor takes the sample of your cells or fluids. However, this kind of test is not reliable because the test can produce false result. However, this doesn’t mean that the test never explores the existence of the herpes virus. Sometime it is helpful but with terms and conditions.

3. Herpes viral antigen detection test

Herpes viral detection test can be a good replacement for PCR test or polymer chain reaction blood test. This is because in many areas it is very hard to find PCR test. For detecting the herpes virus in wound the responsiveness of antigen detection must be same or greater than culture. The test explores the antigens on the surface of cell that infected with herpes virus. This test can also be a great alternative for viral culture test.

4. Antibody test

Antibody test is a kind of blood test that generally perform for the detection of both kinds if herpes such as oral form of herpes and genital herpes. This blood test helps detecting the antibodies that are created by our immunity to tackle from herpes infection. However, viral culture test can be performed but it is not accurate as viral culture at finding the exact result. However, certain kinds of blood tests can tell you the difference between oral herpes and genital herpes.

So these are the very prominent tests available that can be done for the detection of both kinds of herpes infection. However, all of them are not entirely reliable but can still assist you detecting herpes infection. Sometimes it does explore the exact test result.

IgG herpes test has been considered the most accurate test among all. Click here to know more about IgG herpes test.

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