Herpes treatment

Herpes – Types, Symptoms and Causes of Herpes

Herpes is an infection caused by herpes virus. Herpes viruses generally are of two types – type one virus is called Herpes simplex virus 1, often abbreviated as HSV-1. These viruses are the main reason of causing cold sores and painful blisters surrounding our mouth. These viruses are generally attack our mouth and its surrounded area and are prime factor of causing painful blisters, cold sores, lesions, redness, skin swelling and temperature on our skin. As the infection caused by herpes virus is contagious so these virus can only spread themselves by direct contact of contaminated person. These virus can’t spread themselves until two person (infected and un-infected) don’t getlemon-for-herpes closer. kissing, cuddling, some oral action, sharing same utensils, accidental touch, having unprotected sex, having multiple sex partner may cause a reason of outbreak of these virus. Another type of virus is called Herpes simplex virus 2 and is abbreviated as HSV-2. Infection caused by these type of virus are usually related to genital infection. it is been said that this type of virus generally attacks our genetically and reproductive part of our body but sometimes these virus can also be the reason of oral infection. infection caused by type 2 herpes virus is also contagious so they can spread themselves by only a direct touch. either Herpes Simplex Virus 1 or Herpes Simplex Virus 2 can spread themselves only in above condition that read kissing, cuddling etc. symptoms of type two virus are itching in genital part, redness, painful lesions, blisters. Here it may also be painful to know that these virus¬† are very stubborn and if once they entered into your body may last forever in your body till you die. Even if this virus is in your body You may not feel any symptoms of these for as long as you die but still you may be home of these virus. there is no way to get rid of these infection forever.

Best Way to Cure Herpes

When it comes to treatment of these type of infections, there are so many medications available in the market that claims to cure these infections. Some of them cure herpes partially and some of them not. These medications are high in price and we often have to go to the hospital or at medical store to buy it, there are many brands available in the market that confuse us on which one to take and which one not, moreover these medications have their multiple side effects as well. So going after these type of treatment may not be a good idea. There is a way that can cure your infection without producing side effects and it can be lot cheaper than the products available in the market.

How to Deal with Herpes Naturally

Holistic treatment is a type of treatment that is being performed at home using natural ingredients and as well as domestic ingredients. some of the inference perusal on herpes infection indicated that holistic treatment can be the best treatment in curing herpes infection. The best part of this treatment is that it doesn’t has any side effects moreover it can be performed at home and you don’t have to spend much money. You can use Aloe-Vera, extract it’ s juice¬†and apply it on infected skin, lemons are very effective in order to overcome your infection just put it’s chopped slice on your infected skin, you can use lemon balm available in the market that will make comfortable your skin, you can use baking soda that helps drying out your lesions, lysine is one of the best tool in order to fight with herpes, many doctors recommend it as it has an attribute to limiting the growing process of herpes infection, you can use ice-cubes , nothing can feel better than in ice on the burning lesions. These are only a small list of holistic remedy, the area of holistic remedy is very broad. So it may be a wise decision for you to go for a holistic treatment rather than going to doctor and spending too much money and time as well. No one has time to run after a doctor that consumes lot of time and money. so just go for holistic treatment if you really want your infection to be cured.

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