What is the Significance of Using Prunella Vulgaris for Herpes?


If you are thinking that after getting herpes you can’t do anything to cure your condition, you are wrong. There is one way by which you can cure this condition with so much ease. If you are a herpes patient, this may seem very difficult for you to accept that there is a cure for this disease, after listening so many times that herpes is incurable. But, this is true. You can cure herpes outbreaks but not the disease. Why you can’t cure this disease you will know by the end of this article. This is the disease from which many people are suffering and this is the condition from which not only the people of United States are suffering but also complete South Africa is suffering.

I know this is very annoying condition because of which many herpes patients are not able to live their lives like they used to do. Yes, this is true and if you are thinking that you are the only one who is suffering from herpes, you are wrong. There are many people who are suffering and using medicines. But, I think medicine is not a safe option. Why is this so I will tell you later?

Prunella Vulgaris…. What is it?

I have an astonishing remedy which can help you to get rid of herpes blisters. The name of that remedy is prunella vulgaris. This is the remedy which is also known as “self-heal” or “heal all”. This is the remedy which is widely spread because of its medicinal properties. Prunella vulgaris is the remedy which has been used since thousands of years.

Nowadays this remedy is gaining attention as a cure for herpes. But, the question is does it actually cure herpes? And if this can, how it works, we will see in this article. According to Chinese studies this is the remedy which can cure any kind of chronic disease very easily.

Prunella vulgaris is a herb which is totally edible and used for optimal health.  This is the remedy which has been used for internal and external uses. Prunella vulgaris can cure wounds, cure digestive system. This is the most healing herb than any other and you can use this to cure mouth sores and cold sores.

Prunella vulgaris can be used as an eye wash. Yes, if you are suffering from conjunctivitis, you can use this. This is the herb which has anti-inflammatory and anti- allergic properties so it can easily boost your immunity. There are many studies available which show that prunella vulgaris has anti-bacterial and antiviral action. So, it can fight against viruses and bacteria.

It is said that due to its anti-viral actions it can cure HSV-1 and HSV-2 very effectively. Prunella vulgaris is the herb which can stop the spreading of this virus to others. If I am not wrong, this is only way to prevent people from getting this virus. Prunella vulgaris is the herb which has immune stimulating effects, it can boost your immune system so that your body can make efficient anti-bodies.


The answer of your question (prunella vulgaris cure herpes or not) is yes. This is the remedy which has self-heal herb which can completely block, prevent and cancel the multiplication of herpes virus. Prunella vulgaris is the treatment which you can take for herpes outbreaks cure.

You can only cure its outbreaks and not disease, the reason behind this is- herpes is the incurable condition. This is the disease which can’t be cured whether you use natural remedies or medicines. But, yes remedies can help you to stop the spreading this virus to others and medicines can’t.

Medicines are full of side effects forget about a cure it can’t even help you to get rid of its pain. This is the treatment which only gives side effects. So, try to use natural treatment although there are many remedies which can cure this condition but apart from many prunella vulgaris is the one which is totally safe.

Natural remedies for herpes are the treatment which can stop the spread of this virus. There are many people who don’t know that they have herpes and the reason is- outbreaks. Some people don’t experience any outbreaks but not having sores doesn’t mean you don’t have herpes. Even then you can pass this virus to others. So, if you don’t want that anyone else gets this annoying disease, use prunella vulgaris for herpes cure.

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